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"Just got a brand new pack of Filibuster’s fireworks. Think I should set them off during Crowley’s class?"
"Dude, no, the last time you pulled something like that, you got two weeks worth of detention! It’s a stupid idea."
"I have to agree with Sam on this one, Dean."
"Oh, c’mon you guys, where’s that Gryffindor ‘daring’ you hear so much about?"

Only one person guessed all the houses right—nice work, va-va-voomstiel! :DD
So, what a lot of people forget about the sorting is that a person is not necessarily placed in the house that fits their most dominate traits, but rather, which they choose to act on. (That’s why Hermione wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw, or Ron into Hufflepuff, or Harry into Slytherin.)
With that in mind, Dean is in Hufflepuff, because when all is said and done, he will choose family without hesitation. He is also enduring, as well as compassionate to the point where he will often put others before himself.
Castiel is Gryffindor because of his strength of will and loyalty to ideals. If someone challenges or threatens his sense of conviction, you can bet he will confront the problem head on or else do things his way. He has a proud head on his shoulders, and sometimes, it’s his downfall. 
Sam is in Gryffindor for his courage, daring, and chivalry. Though he has the intelligence and wisdom characteristic of a Ravenclaw, he often uses his intellectual ability as a means to protect, or as a weapon. Perhaps most significantly, though, is his need to self-sacrifice in the name of others. 
I know this is kind of an unpopular opinion within the fandom, but hey, I figured I’d put it out there anyway on the off chance someone else shares it~
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Daniel Radcliffe, master of Dogs.
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Dan walking to their signing at Vidcon.
I got one of Phil that day, but it’s blurry. :(
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can you guess which video we just filmed?

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